Metal Stud Walls and Partitions

PMSW Ltd can carry out the construction and installation of commercial stud walls, metal stud partitions and walls.

This metal studwork is often carried out in offices but can be provided in any commercial or public sector building. We can also carry out work for housing associations, local authorities and landlords as well as carrying out plastering work for domestic clients.

Metal framing is used in the construction of partition walls and gives very good fire resistance together with the additional benefit of sound installation given to existing buildings. We can insert sound resistant bars with plasterboard as a form of sound insulation. These can be combined with systems designed to reduce the noise on intermediate floors, both airborne sound and impact sound.

Commercial Stud Walls

Metal stud walls comprise of either I-section or C-section stud walls. Metal stud walls come in various sizes and lengths ranging from 50mm in C-stud, up to 146mm jumbo sized stud walls. These are available in a range of widths starting at 2.4 metres.

Applications for different types of metal stud walls

C-section stud walls are generally used between partitions where no real impact resistance is required. I-section is the strongest type of metal stud wall available in a gyp frame format. They can be built up to a greater height as the shape makes these I-section stud walls more rigid. They also have a higher impact resistance